Adventure Time Craft Texture Pack Download for 1.6.2

Hi players, Adventure Time Craft for Minecraft 1.6.2! Many thanks our say to leonel that have created this mod, and he always wanted to keep updating. The pack is about time traveling and stuff, and there are lots of New Things added by this texturepack as well. There were eggs, new lighting and shaders, new block textures, new mobs and there are still others. Here you will find you the feeling that you are in a time space in roomates you will see lots of glowing blocks and weird time mobs lurking around you, and your wait time as well!

Adventure Time Craft 1 Adventure Time Craft Texture Pack Download for 1.6.2


Download Adventure Time Craft Texture Pack 1.6.2

How to Install Adventure Time Craft Texture Pack for Minecraft 1.6.2

Install MCPatcher HD or OptiFine Mod first

1. Start up Minecraft.
2. At the main menu, hit the “Mods and Texture Packs” button.
3. On the bottom, hit the “Open texture pack folder” button. A new window should open called “texturepacks.”
4. Drop the file into this window.
5. Close the window and return to Minecraft. It should appear in your texture pack list.
6. Simply select and click the “Done” button on the bottom
7. Play


Adventure Time Craft Texture Pack 1.6.2


- Eggs spawner
- New GUI windows
- Advanced lighting and shaders
- New Mobs and some retexturing
- Lots of new blocks and also some retexturing

Adventure Time Craft Texture Pack 1.6.2


- Fireworks
- New blocks
- Updated for 1.6.2
horse textures
and others I guess Gosh I’m Tired
- New clock and compass animations.
- Minor fixes with the pigman zombie.
- Miscellaneous GUI tweeks and new items.
- New portal texture to be more concurrent with the show.
- Changed Marceline to Magic Man on the suggestion of WierdCrafter4143 on the forums. Good idea, mate.

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