Airship Mod Download for Minecraft 1.6.1

Hi players, Airship for Minecraft 1.6.1! First we say many thanks to pchan3 who has created this Airship Mod, and he always wanted to keep updating. This mod adds in an easy to fly ‘boat controls’ Airship to Minecraft. Want to see …..!


Airship Airship Mod Download for Minecraft 1.6.1


Download Airship Mod 1.6.1

How to Install Airship Mod for Minecraft 1.6.1

1. Always back up your minecraft.
2. Install Minecraft Forge or Risugami’s Modloader.
3. Download Airship Mod 1.6.1.
4. Then run minecraft at least once, with Modloader installed.
5. This will generate the folder ‘mods’ in the minecraft directory.
6. Just copy the Zip file into that folder.
7. play.


Airship Mod 1.6.1

Controls / Use

The control system is very basic and there isn’t anything different aside from shooting that differs from normal minecraft controls


You can use your mouse and ‘look’ and that will change your direction. Exactly like a boat.

- Forward:W
- Backward:S
- Turn Left:A
- Turn Right:D
- Ascend(go up):Space
- Descend(go down):Left Shift


The Airship will not be able combat the effects of gravity without Fuel
In addition to the fuels used by the furnace the Airship will use Gunpowder as a quick boost to speed.
By accessing the inventory like you would normally, there is an inventory slot which accepts various sources of fuel.

Place Wooden planks, Coal and other fuel sources into the Fuel slot a blue bar should show in the gage on the right. Exit the inventory (Escape) then proceed to fly the Airship. The fuel bar will determine how long it will be before it will use up another item of fuel.

Airship Mod 1.6.1


- Accurate as of 2.5.1
- Aether Compatibility
- Steampunk Textures from Glimmar
- Animated Model, propellers spin
- Customizable Balloon and Hull textures
- Fully Flying Airship, with smooth controls
- Painterly Textures from Rhodox of
- Uses a system of fueling to aim to be realistic and fair
- Icons and Textures are available in higher pixel format (32x)
- 12 Slot Inventory for addition storage space on long journeys
- Many different textures available including Pirate themes, Mob and Animal ones
- Arrow launching system which supports a variety of arrows, Risugami’s Elemental Arrows

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