Ancient Warfare Mod Download for Minecraft 1.4.6

Hi players, Ancient Warfare for Minecraft 1.4.6! With this mod you be bringing all sorts of ancient warfare-related tools and machinery to the Minecraft world, and you can be dedicated as well. Many thanks, too we say to Shadowmage4513 who created this mod, which now has versions for both 1.4.6. For more details you can give it a try!

Ancient Warfare 1.4.6 Ancient Warfare Mod Download for Minecraft 1.4.6

Minecraft Ancient Warfare


Download Ancient Warfare Mod 1.4.6

How to Install Ancient Warfare Mod for Minecraft 1.4.6

  1. Download and install Minecraft Forge in the Minecraft.jar.
  2. Delete META-INF folder in the .jar.
  3. Run client once to make /mods folder appear(or create it manually).
  4. Download the mod .zip file from Ancient Warfare 1.4.6 Mod and install this in the mods folder in your. minecraft Directory like any other Forge/ModLoader mod
  5. Play


Ancient Warfare Mod Download for Minecraft 1.4.6 Features

- Versions for MC 1.4.6 use forge or later
- Uses Forge / ForgeModLoader for Mod Compatibility
- SMP support — blow up your friends (and enemies)(lan & dedicated server)
- Vehicles have multiple upgrade options to enhance or change various characteristics
- Vehicles and gates are repairable, so your investment doesn’t _have_ to get destroyed
- Vehicles have unique handling and aiming characteristics, and each is a different experience to use
- Vehicles have multiple ammunition types, ammo slots/ammo bay to store ammo in, and consume ammo as fired
- Armor is available to help protect your vehicle from different types of damage. (General, Fire, Explosion)

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