Doggy Talents Mod 1.0.0 Minecraft 1.0.0

Doggy Talents Mod 1.0.0 Download Doggy Talents Mod Minecraft 1.0.0. If your dogs are not attacking anything, it’s because they’re set to docile. You can switch their attack setting by right clicking on them with a sign. By installing this Doggy Talents Mod 1.0.0, you can make your beloved canine companions as helpful as they always wanted to be! Not only does this mod eliminate permadeath, allow for skin customization, and improve AI, but you can also train your pets in various talents that will make them not just useful, but indispensable.

doggy talents mod Doggy Talents Mod 1.0.0 Minecraft 1.0.0

Now on to the core of this Doggy Talents Mod 1.0.0, the Doggy Talents! There are currently 12 different talents in this mod that you can teach to your doggies! To teach a skill, make sure your dog is at full health, and then simply right click on your dog with the corresponding teaching material, which is listed on the naming screen beside each skill.

Doggy Talents Mod 1.0.0 Features

  • Dog could fight
  • Dog could eat
  • Dog could do things a normal dog would do
  • Dog transformation; lava dog, fish dog, etc…
  • Dog skills
  • There will be more future updates, some really cool stuff.

How To Install Doggy Talents Mod 1.0.0 Minecraft 1.0.0

  1. Press “start”
  2. Go to “run”
  3. Type “%appdata%”
  4. A folder should (must) pop up
  5. Get yourself inside “.minecraft” folder”
  6. Then “Bin”
  7. “minecraf.jar”
  8. Extract your mods here.
  9. Delete any “META-INF” if there is one.

Download Doggy Talents Mod 1.0.0 Minecraft 1.0.0

Credits to RaustBlackDragon the creator of this mod. So guys if you want to download and install this mod just download by clicking link above and Install tutorial. Have a nice day with Doggy Talents Mod 1.0.0

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