Dynamic Liquid Tanks Mod Download for Minecraft 1.5.2

Hi players, Dynamic Liquid Tanks for Minecraft 1.5.2! First we say many thanks to WingsOfLife who has created this Dynamic Liquid Tanks Mod, and he always wanted to keep updating. This mod can make your tanks into a strange, triangle and others. This mod is a mod that is based upon storing liquids in Minecraft in a limitless combination using multi-block structures, so that they look just the way that you want them to. And it will be great fun!


Dynamic Liquid Tanks Dynamic Liquid Tanks Mod Download for Minecraft 1.5.2


Download Dynamic Liquid Tanks Mod 1.5.2

How to Install Dynamic Liquid Tanks Mod for Minecraft 1.5.2

1. Backup your minecraft.jar.
2. Requires Minecraft Forge, so install that first.
3. Download Dynamic Liquid Tanks Mod 1.5.2.
4. Place the .zip in your Minecraft mods folder. or Drop the downloaded file into this folder.
5. Play.


Dynamic Liquid Tanks Mod 1.5.2


- Limitless size and shape possibilities.
- Only 2 block Ids and a config to modify them.
- Ability to create Multi-Tanks to store your liquids.
- Ability to camouflage your tanks (Can increase capacity, see bellow.)
- Interact with the tank via BC Pipes, Golems, Liquiducts and various other methods.

Dynamic Liquid Tanks Mod 1.5.2


- Various null point exceptions causing the game to crash.
- Removed connecting textures on cores connecting to other cores to prevent confusion.
- The blocks actually render as blocks in your inventory instead of “panel” like items.
- Fixed a bug that caused a crash upon opening the GUI while containing various liquids.
- Liquids now render transparent. Wohoo (This is a work in progress, rendering is not my forte)
- Slight change in the resizing algorithm to balance out the sizing compared to other tank mods.
- Most liquids now render correctly in the tank. Still working on a few from (BC fuel and RC Creosote Oil)
- When the tank is topped off (full) the liquid inside seems to clip into the visual edges of the tank. This no longer occurs.
- Fixed a bug in the resizing algorithm that caused the tank to not resize correctly after having extensions broken and replaced.
- Fixed a error causing the mod to crash the server on startup. As a side effect the key binding key is permanently set to the ‘C’ key.
- When parts of the tank are broken (Multitank Extensions) the Core block attempts to keep the same amount of liquid in the remaining blocks, resulting in a visual glitch of overflowing liquid. This has been fixed.

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