Equivalent Exchange Mod Download for Minecraft 1.5.1

Hi players, Equivalent Exchange for Minecraft 1.5.1! Equivalent Exchange can adds many new powerful items to the game that gives you new powers and Abilities. It also adds new tools, armor, item repair and more block. And also adds a bunch of new content to Minecraft, such as the Philosopher’s stone. But, getting these materials legitimately is quite hard. There the philosopher’s stone requires redstone, glowstone, and a slimeball. In order to use any of the new features in this mod you will have to first craft a Philosopher’s Stone. And the most thanks goes to the developer of equivalent exchange mod, x3n0ph0b3!

Equivalent Exchange Mod Equivalent Exchange Mod Download for Minecraft 1.5.1


Download Equivalent Exchange Mod 1.5.1

How to Install Equivalent Exchange Mod for Minecraft 1.5.1

1. Install the required version of Minecraft Forge in to you minecraft.jar.
2. Download Equivalent Exchange Mod 1.5.1.
3. Put ‘ee3-universal-v####.jar’ in to your /mods folder.
4. Load up Minecraft.
5. Play.


Equivalent Exchange Mod 1.5.1


- Base Ring
- Dark Matter
- Dark Matter Axe
- Dark Matter Tools
- Dark Matter Shears
- Dark Matter Pickaxe
- The Dark Matter Hoe
- Dark Matter Armor Set
- The Dark Matter Sword
- The Dark Matter Shovel
- The Philosopher’s Stone
- The Destruction Catalyst

Equivalent Exchange Mod 1.5.1


- Updated to Minecraft 1.5.1
- Now using Minecraft Forge 6.4.0.x.x or higher
- Added a max world height constant to the client/server EEProxy class
- Updated version number from 1.38 to Allows for better tracking of updates to the version
- Changed the Water Essence and Lava Essence to check Y position against the new maximum world height for changing the weather

Added EMC mappings to client for

- Ferns
- Grass
- Wood ‘Jungle’
- Redstone Lamp
- Leaves ‘Jungle’
- Fireball Charge
- Sapling ‘Jungle’
- Nether Brick Fence
- Nether Brick Stairs
- Stone Bricks ‘Circle’
- Using the BC 3.x API now instead of the BC 2.x API
- Fix in the Pedestal GUI displaying ‘container.inventory’ vs ‘Inventory’
- Fixed bug with Collector Mk2?s not being able to accumulate more than 3000 latent EMC
- Updated the transmutation of NPCs to include the new NPC types introduced from 1.0 onwards
- Can now transmute Snow Golems to Iron Golems! Provided you have enough reagents to cover the cost
- Modified the loading of the addon modules to check whether or not the mod in question is loaded or not before attempting to initialize
- Fixed crash bug where players place an EE TE at y=1. Only a concern when in creative mode and breaking the bedrock at y=1 to place items
- Made the clients aware of the alternate relay recipe. replace the collector mk1 with a diamond block for the alternate recipe. useful on servers where collectors are disabled.

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