Faithful Texture Pack Download for Minecraft 1.6.4

Hi players, Faithful for Minecraft 1.6.4! First we say many thanks to Vattic who has created this Faithful Texture Pack, and he always wanted to keep updating. This is 32×32 resolutions pack, so Faithful Texture pack a double resolution texture pack that stays faithful to the original Minecraft textures. This one of most popular texture pack has update again for you!


Faithful Texture Pack1 Faithful Texture Pack Download for Minecraft 1.6.4


Download Faithful Texture Pack 1.6.4

How to Install Faithful Texture Pack for Minecraft 1.6.4

1. Download Faithful Texture Pack Below
2. Download and install OptiFine or patch with MCPatcher HD
3. Click the “options” tab in McPatcher and select all of the water and lava to be default.
4. Then Open “mods” and click patch.
5. Download Faithful pack and then drag it into .minecraft texturepack folder.
6. Run/%appdata%/roaming/.minecraft/texturepack
7. Play


Faithful Texture Pack 1.6.4


This update covers two things: Firstly an update for the main pack to support Minecraft v1.4. Sectondly the problems people have been having running BuildCraft, Additional Pipes, and Logistics Pipes whether with the Faithful 64×64 pack or other packs.

This texture pack now has update and compatible with the latest minecraft 1.6.4. if you talking about Faithful texture pack, you talk about a classic yeah very classic. If you want to install this texture pack you need to MCPatcher HD Fix, in this Faithful 1.6.4 Texture Pack have some update like :

- Dirt
- Stone
- Enderman
- Glowstone
- Iron block
- Gold block
- Diamond block
- Redstone tracks

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