Falling Meteors Mod Download for Minecraft 1.6.2

Hi players, Falling Meteors for Minecraft 1.6.2! First we say many thanks to AlexDGr8r who has created this Falling Meteors Mod, and he always wanted to keep updating. Meteors are a new idea and addition to Minecraft and this mod includes many excellent features that make it stand out from the rest of the old Meteor mods!

Falling Meteors Falling Meteors Mod Download for Minecraft 1.6.2


Download Falling Meteors Mod 1.6.2

How to Install Falling Meteors Mod for Minecraft 1.6.2

1. As with any mod, be sure to first delete the META-INF folder in the minecraft jar.
2. Install the Minecraft Forge API.
3. Run Minecraft once.
4. Download Falling Meteors Mod 1.6.2.
5. Put the zip file in the mods folder located in your .minecraft folder (Do not unzip).
6. Run Minecraft and Play.

For Server

1. Similar to installing in on the client, install the Minecraft Forge API first into the minecraft-server.jar
2. Run the server once.
3. Falling Meteors Mod 1.6.2.
4. Then put the zip file into the mods folder.
5. Then if you wish to edit configuration, run the server once to generate the file in the config folder.
6. Once you have everything configured, start the server again and Paly.


Falling Meteors Mod 1.6.2


- Multilingual
- Fully SMP compatible
- Varying sizes and types of Meteors
- Craft Detectors to find out WHERE a meteor is going to land
- Summon meteors down onto your friends with Meteor Summoners
- Configure the mod to your liking with many configuration options
- Craft a Meteor Timer to determine WHEN a meteor is going to land
- Meteors Fall to the ground and explode, forming craters that house various minerals from space
- New Armor Sets that give you different abilities: Magnetization, walking on water, immunity to fire, etc
- Protect your precious creations with Meteor Shields that can be fully upgraded to protect a huge area of land
- New Tools that give different properties: Magnetization, slowing enemies, burning enemies, mining underwater faster, etc
- Mine all the minerals from the craters as quick as possible because the debris from the crash will cool, giving less minerals

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