How to Setup a Minecraft Server | Setting Minecraft Server

How to Setup a Minecraft Server – Setting Minecraft Server. Some people are having problems setting up their own Minecraft servers, so here’s a step-by-step guide.

Minecraft How to Setup a Minecraft Server | Setting Minecraft Server


1. Download the Minecraft server .zip file and extract it to your desktop.

2. Go to your desktop and open the minecraft-server folder.

3. Now you’ll see a bunch of files. There should be 2 files called server. Open one of them. If you can’t open the file, select ‘Notepad’ from the window that pops up. If this file is blank, open the other server file.

4. Find the line that says port=xxx, which is normally set to 25565. Go to here and find your router model for a step-by-step guide to forward the port. If you do not forward the port, others will not be able to join your server.

Name Your Server and Set Message of the Day

5. To name your server, change the name after server-name=. This is what will appear on the public server list.

To change the Message of the Day, change the text after motd=. This is what will appear when players connect to your server.

To change the amount of players allowed, change the number after max-players=. This number is how many players (including you) can be in the server at one time.

6. Save and close the server file. Noe open the admins file. Add your in-game name to this so that you can be an admin and have special abilities to kick players and so forth. You need to one one admin per line.

7. If you want to ban any IP addresses, copy and paste them into the banned-ip file. Banned IPs must have a / before each entry. For banlists, each name or IP must be on its own line. Save and close the banned and banned-ip files.

8. Click start server to launch the server. A black command window should pop up, and soon it should display information such as the external URL. Once it shows the external URL, you can join your server through the URL in the command window (or the externalurl file) or by clicking it in the public server list.

9. To close your server, simply exit out of the black command window. The map is saved automatically, so you don’t need to use the save button in the in-game menu.


After an update, you should update your server to the latest version. Go back and download the Minecraft server .zip file and extract it. Then drag and drop the minecraft-server and server files (don’t drag and drop the chat log file) into your folder. You’ll have to update the name of your server and message of the day again.

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