JohnSmith Texture Pack Download for Minecraft 1.5

Hi players, JohnSmith for Minecraft 1.5! First we say many thanks to devolover ‘JohnSmith27’ who have created and are always updating this JohnSmith Texture Pack. By using a resolution of 32 x 32, is now compatible with minecraft 1.5. Neatly packaged in this great texture pack are clean, detailed and sensible block and item textures that bring an unusually unique aspect to the game, this is the style JohnSmith. JohnSmith texture pack is highly customizable, so you can change certain Things you do not like about the pack, you can make the pack your own. JohnSmith’s is texture simple, and little use medieval aspect, And JohnSmith Texture Pack, including the games favorite players. How, you are ready to try it again!

JohnSmith JohnSmith Texture Pack Download for Minecraft 1.5


Download JohnSmith Texture Pack 1.5

How to and Install JohnSmith Texture Pack for Minecraft 1.5

1. Download MCPatcher HD.
2. Download JohnSmith Texture Pack 1.5.
3. Copy and paste the downloaded zip file into a folder named “texturepacks” in Minecraft folder.
4. Run MCPatcher HD and click Patch.
5. Open your Minecraft and go to Texture Packs and Mods and choose JohnSmith Texture Packs.
6. Play.


JohnSmith Texture Pack 1.5

Changelogs V9.7

- New Wools
- New Brick
- New Ice (slighty animated)
- New villager skin (only peasant)
- New customizer in complement of the one created by Flying_Sheep
- (there is not much textures in it yet, but there should be more later)
- All new textures for the recents snapshots (emerald, tripwire hook, GUI, etc)
- New wood plank for the customizer (good for fences, not so good for buildings)
- New sandstones (pillars) (will make some hieroglyphs-like for the customizer later)

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