Mine Little Brony Mod Download for Minecraft 1.4.7

Hi players, Mine Little Brony for Minecraft 1.4.7! First we say many thanks to Teotoo who has created this Mine Little Brony Mod, and he always wanted to keep updating. This mod is similar to the Mine Little Pony mod, but for a different explanation of the contents. Only mobs Pony from My Little Pony that can be added to this mod. Of course you want to know more, why mobs Pony from My Little Pony can be added to this mod? A good idea to try this mod, because this mod will make you impressed by mobs Pony!

Mine Little Brony Mine Little Brony Mod Download for Minecraft 1.4.7


Download Mine Little Brony Mod 1.4.7

How to install Mine Little Brony Mod for Minecraft 1.4.7

1. Download and Install ModLoader and Minecraft Forge
2. Open up %appdata%, if you don’t know how to do this, start>run, then type in %appdata%
3. Browse to .minecraft/bin
4. Make a backup (copy) of your minecraft.jar as this mod will overwrite some of the original minecraft classes.
5. Open up minecraft.jar with WinRAR or 7zip.
6. Drag and drop the necessary class files and text file into the root (top level) folder of the jar.
7. Drag and drop the necessary png files into the “mob” folder of the jar.
8. Delete the META-INF folder in the jar.
9. Play
Back up your original minecraft.jar before you install this mod! Otherwise you won’t be able to remove this mod without re-installing Minecraft.


Mine Little Brony Mod 1.4.7


- Vanilla
- Popcorn
- Apple Pie
- Ruby’food’
- Fertilizer
- Zap Apples
- Tube of Mix
- Apple Juice
- Cup of Flour
- Cookie Dough
- Assault Cake
- A Salt Sieve
- Emerald’food’
- Apple Fritter
- Cookie Crumbs
- Sapphire’food’
- Salt’just a pinch’

Mine Little Brony Mod 1.4.7


- Poison Joke
- Thorny Bush
- Zap Apple Logs
- Fluttershy Logs
- Fluttershy Planks
- Zap Apple Sapling
- Fluttershy Sapling
- Corn (Crop)’So you can make Popcorn of course’
- Random Gem’Gives a random edible gem when you break it’

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