More Player Models Mod Download for Minecraft 1.5.1

Hi players, More Player Models for Minecraft 1.5.1! First we say many thanks to Noppes who has created this More Player Models Mod, and he always wanted to keep updating. Is this mod are you waiting for, if indeed this mod, this mod comes for you. Here you play but you could be another model, is certainly very exciting at all. What ever you want it earlier, can play and can also serve as a model to another. If you have entered correctly installed the mod and someone uploaded a skin to your profile minecraft game it will be shown for you!


Download More Player Models Mod 1.5.1

How to Install More Player Models Mod for Minecraft 1.5.1

1. Locate your .minecraft folder
- Run minecraft (don’t login)
- Press options
- Click the link to Game location on disk
2. Download Modloader or Minecraft Forge
3. Open .minecraft/bin/minecraft.jar with winrar(or something similar)
4. Extract all files from into the minecraft.jar
5. Delete the META-INF in the minecraft.jar
6. Run minecraft and login to test if it is working so far
7. A folder .minecraft/mods should have been create when you ran it
8. Download More Player Models 1.5.1 Mod and place the zip in the .minecraft/mods folder (Don’t unzip it)
9. You now have installed the More Player Models 1.5.1 Mod. Read the skinning guide on how to activate it.


More Player Models Mod 1.5.1


- Resize your model to play as a child
- Works for multiplayer without installing a server mod
- You can change your Model to a female, elf, dwarf, furry or orc in an easy way
- Add different types of hair styles to your player like a beard, long hair or a mohawk
- Each of the models have their own perspective/POV height (this can be disabled by pressing F6)
- By pressing X you can sit down and by pressing Z you can lie down (Also works for multiplayer if you install the bukkit plugin)
- By pressing Shift + F6 you can disable X and Z sending /sit and /sleep when you are playing on a server without the bukkit plugin.
- By pressing Ctrl + F6 you can reload your player skin, after uploading one to your minecraft profile, without having to log out and log back in (does not always work, not sure why yet)

More Player Models Mod 1.5.1


- Updated to Minecraft 1.5.1
- Fixed armor sitting glitch
- Crtl + F6 now reloads your skin
- Fixed headwear not showing correctly
- F6 now disables/enables the POV change
- Fixed sleeping POV for the smaller models
- Furries can now have long hair with #FFFF00
- Temporarily removed Modloader (Will include again when it
- With F7 you can now disable the perspective height change
- Added a Model selecter in the F6 menu (Does not change how others see you)
- The first item on your tool bar will be shown on your back unless you have it selected
- Shift + F6 disables X and Z sending /sit and /sleep commands to the server for when you play on a server without the bukkit plugin

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