Simple Ores Mod Download for Minecraft 1.5.1

Hi players, Simple Ores for Minecraft 1.5.1! First we say many thanks to AleXndrTheGr8st who has created this Simple Ores Mod, and he always wanted to keep updating. You’re lucky, with this mod you’ll find mining. With this update Simple Ores Mod 1.5.1 has added 5 ore, there Adamantium Ores, Mythril, Copper, Onyx and Silver. And the mod adds in the respective armour and tool sets, along with three achievements. SimpleOres now supports SMP and configurable item and block ID’s. All crafting recipes for the tools and armor recipes follow the normal Minecraft!

Simple Ores Simple Ores Mod Download for Minecraft 1.5.1


Download Simple Ores Mod 1.5.1

How to Install Simple Ores Mod for Minecraft 1.5.1

1. Get a fresh install of Minecraft by choosing “Force Update” in the options section of the Minecraft Loader.
2. Download and install the Recommended Universal version of Minecraft Forge.
3. Download the latest version of Simple Ores 1.5.1 Mod from the link below. You should have a SimpleOres ‘versionNumber’.zip file. Open it with WinRar or 7-Zip (or some equivalent), and extract the folder within to your desktop.
4. Copy the “SimpleOres” folder (if you have a folder with a version number in its name, look inside for the “SimpleOres” folder) into the minecraft.jar or minecraft_server.jar, depending on what you are installing it for.
5. If you are installing for the Client, delete the META-INF folder if you haven’t done so already. Do not delete it if you are installing for the server.
6. If you have any other Forge mods, install them now.
7. Finally, if you have any non-forge mods, install them last.
8. Play.


How Change Id’s Simple Ores Mod 1.5.1

- Save the file, and restart Minecraft. Play
- Run Minecraft at least once with SimpleOres installed
- Open the mod_SimpleOres.cfg file with any text editor (I recommend Notepad++)
- Navigate to your .minecraft folder and open the config folder (“%appdata%\.minecraft\config”)
- All the lines with the ‘#’ at the start contain the DEFAULT ID’s as a reference, so just avoid those lines
- Scroll down to the lines that don’t have the ‘#’ at the beginning, find the item/s or block/s you want to change the ID of and do so
- You can also change the spawn rates of ores in the cfg file. Just look for the copperSpawnRate, silverSpawnRate, etc. and change that to however you want.
- Remember that for any items (tools, ingots, armour), the ID listed in the config file is 256 LESS than what the item will appear as in the game itself. This is because Minecraft (or ModLoader, not really sure) adds 256 to the ID to make sure it doesnt conflict with block ID’s.

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