Smooth Realistic Texture Pack Download for Minecraft 1.5

Hi players, Smooth Realistic for Minecraft 1.5! We wish to thank to DasLisal who have created this Smooth Realistic Texture Pack, and he always wanted to keep updating. The bookshelves look just like real ones, there are fridge textures and door textures which you have never seen before. Being realistic is hard, but when you use this texture pack you get a jaw dropping experience. Because Smooth Realistic texture pack can it changes the textures to modern day textures that you will see on your daily routine, and Smooth Realistic texture pack looks nothing like the vanilla Minecraft!


Download Smooth Realistic Texture Pack 1.4.7

How to Install Smooth Realistic Texture Pack for Minecraft 1.5

1. Download and run the latest version of McPatcher HD fix.
2. Locate your texture packs folder, usually located in your minecraft root folder.
3. Copy the texture pack .zip file into that folder and close all of the windows.
4. Play.


Smooth Realistic Texture Pack 1.5


- The textures look sweet and highly detailed.
- The textures have support for BetterSkies in MCPatcher
- Paintings are changed to look like shelves and awesome drawings
- The texture pack changes absolutely everything in the game to look life real life, modern, everyday objects

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