So Many Swords Mod Download for Minecraft 1.6.4

Hi players, So Many Swords for Minecraft 1.6.4! First we say many thanks to Esstandy, who has created this So Many Swords Mod, and he always wanted to keep updating. This mod add more swords and weapons into game. All stuffs use vanilla items to craft it. Special Thanks to MCreator for made my dream come true and thanks to NEI mod for item recipes!


So Many Swords So Many Swords Mod Download for Minecraft 1.6.4


Download So Many Swords Mod 1.6.4

How to install So Many Swords Mod for Minecraft 1.6.4

1. Download and install Minecraft Forge
2. Go to your minecraft folder. (If you don’t know how to, look it up)
4. Download So Many Swords Mod 1.6.4
5. Place the zip file in the /mods/ folder and run the game
6. Play


So Many Swords Mod 1.6.4

Informations and Recipes

- Lightning Spear
Special: Lightning strike

- Redstone Powered Sword
Special: Explosion ! Blow everything around you

- Sword of Ender
Special: Teloport

- Flint Sword

- Obsidian Sword

- Slime Sword
Special: Extreme durability

- Sugarcane Sword

- Lapis Sword

- Blazing Crossbow
Special: shoot flaming arrow

- Crossbow
Special: High knockback, rapid fire

- Chainsaw
Special: Breaking wood block faster

- Upgraded Chainsaw
Special: Breaking wood block faster and Explosion !

- Glass Sword
Special: Strong as diamond with 10 uses

- LightSaber
Special: Teleport for short distant and destroy everything around you

- Blood Scythe
Special: Pay with your blood and recieve Strength II
cost up to 8 hearts of damage, so be careful with this item

For Picture and Complete Informations, you can clike HERE

So Many Swords Mod 1.6.4


- Fixed some Bugs
- Fixed some bugs of Redstone sword
- Add Chainsaw. upgraded Chainsaw, Blood Scythe etc
- Added more weaponCrossbow, Blazing crossbow, Sword of Ender etc

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