Strongestcraft 1.9 Texture Pack for Minecraft 1.9 Pre Release 4

Download Strongestcraft 1.9 Texture Pack for Minecraft 1.9 Pre Release 4. Looking for Minecraft Pre 4 Texture Pack ? Some Texture Pack Creator has update her pack for this update, one of them is Strongestcraft 1.9. So want to try playing this update? don’t worry guys we have put download link at end this post. Thank to Eraiya for makes this awesome texture pack.

strongestCraft Strongestcraft 1.9 Texture Pack for Minecraft 1.9 Pre Release 4

Benefits if you using StrongestCraft 1.9 Pre Release 4 :

* Locating dungeons quickly and easily
* Spotting those rare strongholds with ease
* Knowing exactly when your crops are fully grown
* Spotting enemies waiting for you outside your home
* Lighting up the night with night vision pumpkin helmets
* Seeing large cave systems that you never knew existed
* Detecting harmful traps before they have a chance to hurt you
* Not having to worry about clouds, rain or snow obscuring your vision
* Easily avoiding enemies, lava, hostile players and other dangerous things
* Knowing which way is north/south/east/west with the sun/moon compasses
* Spotting enemies coming toward you through your transparent inventory screen
* Identify dirt/gravel/sand immediately without any light thanks to the pixels in the middle!
* Efficiently locating ores and other valuable resources (Fantastic in conjunction with x-ray mods!)
* Being able to see clearly in pitch black caves during the daytime (Perfect for use with sun control mods!)
* Being able to wear pumpkin helmets without clutter (Great for looking at endermen without being attacked!)
* And more!

Download StrongestCraft Texture Pack for Minecraft 1.9

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