The Gun Mod Download for Minecraft 1.4.7

Hi players, The Gun for Minecraft 1.4.7! First we say many thanks to those who have created this mod, he is Heuristix, and we say thank you also to JRX125 who always wanted to make The Gun Mod is better. This mod implementing modular weapon system for the design and ballistic physics. You will be amazed with this mod, because many the number of guns that have been added. And you can use it, what weapons you like, you just select. The Gun Mod Allows users to create their own content with an easy to use and intuitive GUI. Here is not difficult for you to get started, and you can use any weapon here. Let’s try weapons that are here!

The Gun The Gun Mod Download for Minecraft 1.4.7

Minecraft The Gun


Download The Gun Mod 1.4.7

TheGunMod Client || TheGunMod Server || Weapons Zip ||

How to Install The Gun Mod for Minecraft 1.4.7

  1. Download ModLoader and ModLoaderMP.
  2. Download “TheGunMod Client” And the “Weapons” .Zips
  3. Extract all of those and install ModLoader the VERY FIRST THING YOU DO (other than deleting META.imf, because it doesn’t matter when you delete it just make sure you do)
  4. Then Install ModLoaderMP, followed by TheGunMod. The README.txt in TheGunMod tells you bluntly what to do.
  5. After Installing that, you should now have a folder named “heuristix” In your .Minecraft folder. Open that and put in the all the files found in the “Weapons” Folder.
  6. After that you should be done with the hardest part. So just play minecraft and go to a creative mode map to make sure it worked.
  7. After that, Download
  8. Go to your “heuristix” folder in your .minecraft and take out the guns found in the guns folder, and replace them with
  9. Play.


The Gun Mod 1.4.7 Added Guns

- XM8
- MP7
- M24
- M82
- AA12
- AK47
- PP19
- FMG 9
- HK 33
- M16 A4
- G36 MG
- UMP 45
- FN P90
- Bazooka
- M14 DMR
- Glock17
- WA 2000
- PP 2000
- FN F2000
- M249 SAW
- Mk12 SPR
- 0PEO M320
- 44 Magnum
- Milkor MGL
- JackHammer
- Beretta M9
- Desert Eagle
- Beretta 93 R
- Bushmaster ACR
- Ballistic knife
- M250K Pulse Rifle
- Explosive Crossbow

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