TNT Mod 1.9 for Minecraft 1.8.1 | Download TNT Mod 1.9

TNT Mod 1.9 for Minecraft 1.8.1 – Download TNT Mod 1.9. Hello minecrafters! looking a dynamite or TNT ? here guys the latest TNT mod has update to version 1.9. Interesting for download this mod? don’t worry because we have put download link at end this post. Thank to Navist for makes this TNT Mod.

TNT Mod 1.9 for Minecraft 1.8.1

- Miner TNT = Has a slightly increased blast radius than the TNT. Drops 100% blocks as oppose to 30%
- Napalm TNT = Creates a small lava pool. Mass destruction via lava.
- FireBomb TNT = Same explosion as a TNT but sets everything on fire.
- Nuke TNT = Use for destroying the map, doesn’t drops block. The Video up there describes all.

How to Install TNT Mod 1.9 for Minecraft 1.8.1

1. Please back-up your Minecraft before installing any mods.
2. Download and Install ModLoader.
3. Test Minecraft.
4. Open minecraft.jar by using WinRAR.
5. run/%appdata%/.minecraft/bin/minecraft.jar
6. Download and open TNT mod zip file.
7. Then drag all the class files and TNT mod folder into minecraft.jar. ( Don’t drag the mod_properties.txt into minecraft.jar)
8. Then move mod_properties.txt into .minecraft mods folder.
9. If you don’t have one make a new one.
10 Delete meta-inf!
11 Play!


Download TNT Mod 1.9 for Minecraft 1.8.1

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