vonDoomCraft Texture Pack Download – for Minecraft 1.2.5

Hey friend the VonDoomCraft texture pack is not a complete redesign, and the Thor’s Hammer will adjust its resolution according to the items.png so Emperor Doom suggests you use a high-definition items.png like the one from PureBDCraft. And for sure, a 128x texture pack will require the MCPatcher HD and most certainly a computer that won’t lag n’ crash. But apart from that, let’s move on to how it looks. Well, first, it is not a complete redesign of everything. Ieatures: the terrain, hud, spiders, animated bow, animated Thor’s Hammer, and animated soulsand! In terms of coloring, it comes with vivid outline strokes and colors which gives out a cartoon-ish feel. Come on comrades in not just delayed again, okay!

Download vonDoomCraft Texture Pack for Minecraft 1.2.5 Now

How to install vonDoomCraft Texture Pack for Minecraft 1.2.5

1. Download vonDoomCraft Texture Pack for Minecraft 1.2.5 (link below)
2. Download and patch using MCPatcher HD
3. At start menu, run > /%appdata%/.minecraft/texturepacks/
4. Copy and Paste the texture pack (.zip file) without unzipping
5. Open Minecraft and change texture pack in-game

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