XyCraft Mod Download for Minecraft 1.4.7

Hi players, XyCraft for Minecraft 1.4.7! First we say many thanks to Soaryn who has created this XyCraft Mod, and he always wanted to keep updating. XyCraft is a mod revolved around tech expansion. Currently I am working on the Core, World as well as the first expansion Machines. I plan on making a few other Expansions as well, but for now these three portions will be my primary focus. And whether you’re already ready!


Download XyCraft Mod 1.4.7

How to Install XyCraft Mod for Minecraft 1.4.7

1. Download and install Minecraft Forge.
2. Put the xycraft {version}.zip into the “/mods/” folder then run! (For a server, the install is the same. Mods are now universal for client and server).
3. If you are having trouble installing, try checking out the program MultiMC: http://forkk.net/MultiMC4/.
4. This is a great program for setting up modded Minecraft installs.
5. Play.


XyCraft Mod 1.4.7


Block features

- Glow without emitting light
- Aesthetic and restricts mobs from spawning. No requirement for torches

Liquid Dyes

- All 16 types of dyes in Minecraft
- Can be piped around and stored in tank
- There will be a machine to create the dyes when the Machine package is released
- Created by putting two of one type of dye in a Forestry squeezer’Thermal expansion Magma Crucible recipe coming’

World Gen

- Aluminum
- Xychorium ore
- Henequen Seeds
- Kernels (Corn Seeds)
- Seeds are obtained by breaking tall grass, just like you would to get normal wheat seeds

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