You Are Herobrine Mod Download for Minecraft 1.4.6

Hi players, You Are Herobrine for Minecraft 1.4.6! Many struggle you have to do in order to survive, but these are not a challenge that is difficult for you, because you really enjoy. Herobrine Mod allows players to play as an evil character who pursues righteous characters; the player may perform various acts of evil on opposing characters depending on the situation. Here You can also collect resource dark! Here you can also use a spider!

You Are Herobrine You Are Herobrine Mod Download for Minecraft 1.4.6

Minecraft You Are Herobrine


Download You Are Herobrine Mod 1.4.6

How to Install You Are Herobrine Mod for Minecraft 1.4.6

  1. Download and install ModLoader.
  2. Go into your .minecraft/bin folder and open minecraft.jar with an archiving program like WinRAR.
  3. Open You Are Herobrine Mod 1.4.6 with the same program.
  4. Drag all the files from You Are Herobrine Mod into minecraft.jar.
  5. Make sure the META-INF folder is deleted in minecraft.jar.
  6. Run Minecraft.
  7. Play.

You Are Herobrine Mod Download for Minecraft 1.4.6 Features

- A mod hard
- Tame Spider
- add steve egg
- add hunter egg
- Live in the night
- add IceRubyOre
- Sleep in the day
- add InvisibleOre
- New mob Hunter
- Play as herobrine
- Corazon tier tools
- Now can kill steve
- The sun burns you
- add corazon armor
- New recipes and tools
- EvilDiamond tiers tools
- add structure steve house
- Creeper with the sun burns
- you can breathe underwater
- The sipders dont attack you
- The villagers drops Corazon
- The zombies dont attack you
- add new blocks and new tree
- Eating Corazon gives you 30 points of health
- Eat rotten flesh makes you resistant to burns

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